We want to deliver a Computing curriculum that equips our pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. – to make a difference. We are committed to ensuring everyone uses Information Communication Technology safely, with purpose, challenge and enjoyment. Technology will support communication and learning in our school community and we will teach the skills required to allow everyone to have access. We believe “A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.” NC Computing Programme of Study 2013.




Great teaching takes what pupils already know and builds on it. For this to happen, staff need a strong subject knowledge, a wide range of pedagogical approaches at their disposal and a willingness to learn themselves. Great Learning takes place when pupils feel secure and confident. For this to happen, pupils and their parents need to trust staff, be willing to make mistakes and use equipment responsibly.

Where a child has limited access to digital devices at home, opportunities to use school devices at Lunch time and After-School Club are provided. Parents and Pupils sign an Acceptable Use Agreement to ensure we are all using digital technologies as safely and as responsibly as possible.



· A systematic and regular audit of staff skills

· Staff regularly updating their own Computing CPD both within and out of school which address whole-school needs and individual needs.

· Systematic planning for Computing capability is effective and includes an appropriate level of challenge.

· Planning identifies opportunities for pupils to apply and consolidate their Computing capability across subjects.

· All curriculum planning identifies key areas where Computing can support learning and teaching.

· Most pupils will reach high levels of confidence to apply Computing independently and they have clear expectations about using Computing to support their learning.

 · Online-Safety is embedded within the wider school culture. Policies are comprehensive and regularly reviewed.

 · We will ensure that there is Computing provision for those without access beyond school

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