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A St. Mary’s Pupil is…

We try our best to live out the Gospel values in all that we do. Each half term is centred on one such value. We use resources from The Jesuit Pupil Profile to support our learning and teaching.


 Our value this half term is GRATEFUL



Gratitude is always Saint Ignatius’ starting point.  Before we reflect or pray, discern or make a decision, begin a new day, or embark on anything important, he calls on us to remember everything that we have to be grateful for.  His little daily spiritual exercise, the examen, begins with gratitude.



"When life is sweet, say thank you, and celebrate. When life is bitter, say thank you, and grow."


"Help one another with the generosity of the Lord and despise no one. When you have the opportunity to do good, do not let it go by."
St Polycarp



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As part of our learning about being grateful, the whole school had the chance to nominate someone who they are grateful for. We gave out lots of gratitude bracelets. We are thankful for everyone who belongs to our school family.

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