Year 2 - St. Clare

Year 2 - St. Clare

Welcome to Year 2!

Class teacher - Miss Crone, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

                         Miss Woodward Wednesday

Teaching Assistant - Miss Moore

In RE, our topic is Books.We will be learning about why the Bible is so special and about other special books used in our parish community.





Our topic this half term is Explorers. We will learn about two famous explorers and how their exploration changed our world. You can choose to find out about a different explorer.





In English....


We are going to read Simon Bartram's book about Bob Man on the Moon !






In maths....

We are continuing to work on money and time. Then we will be revisiting number and place value, measurement and addition and subtraction.


KIDSAFE programme


KS would like you to remember that if you EVER have YUKKY feelings, you can Say No, Walk Away or TELL A TRUSTED GROWN UP!