Year 5 - St. Teresa of Calcutta

Year 5 - St. Teresa of Calcutta

A fantastic achievement by Sarah - GOLD Mathletics award. A huge well done

All about Mother Teresa - Bethany Baines

We are reading "Who let the God's Out" by Maz Evans

The Promise by Bethany

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The Tiger who came for tea

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The Farm by Shona

The Storm by Jakub

Talk for Writing - 29/06/20

English (Hamilton Trust) w/b 06/07/20

Maths (Hamilton Trust) W/B 06/07/20

Thinkuknow. Parent and carers guide to sharing images (Primary).360p.mp4

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Bethany and Chloe - How to make a Titanic model

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Shona's Titanic Powerpoint

Missie's school poem

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Bethany's Mindfulness instructions

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Sarah's Greek Salad

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Have a listen to Antosh's joke...

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Bethany's Kindness Poem

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Other activities and Projects:



Please keep reading with your child at home during the coming weeks of school being closed. Below are some suggestions for discussing the book with your child. 


VOCABULARY – Years 3 - 6
Find and explain the meaning of words in context
 What do the words ...... and …… suggest about the character, setting and mood?
 Which word tells you that….?
 Which keyword tells you about the character/setting/mood?
 Find one word in the text which means……
 Find and highlight the word that is closest in meaning to…….
 Find a word or phrase which shows/suggests that…….


INFER – Years 3 – 6
 Make and justify inferences using evidence from the text.
 Find and copy a group of words which show that…
 How do these words make the reader feel? How does this paragraph suggest this?
 How do the descriptions of …… show that they are ……..
 How can you tell that……
 What impression of …… do you get from these paragraphs?
 What voice might these characters use?
 What was …. thinking when…..
 Who is telling the story?


PREDICT – Years 3 – 6
Predict what might happen from the details given and implied.
 From the cover what do you think this text is going to be about?
 What is happening now? What happened before this? What will happen after?
 What does this paragraph suggest will happen next? What makes you think this?
 Do you think the choice of setting will influence how the plot develops?
 Do you think… will happen? Yes, no or maybe? Explain your answer using evidence from the text.


EXPLAIN – Years 3 – 6
Explain how content is related and contributes to the meaning as a whole. Explain how meaning is enhanced through choice of language. Explain the themes and patterns that develop across the text. Explain how information contributes to the overall experience.
 Why is the text arranged in this way?
 What structures has the author used?
 What is the purpose of this text feature?
 Is the use of ….. effective?
 The mood of the character changes throughout the text. Find and copy the phrases which show this.
 What is the author’s point of view?
 What affect does ….. have on the audience?
 How does the author engage the reader here?
 Which words and phrases did ….. effectively?
 Which section was the most interesting/exciting part?
 How are these sections linked?


RETRIEVE – Years 3 – 6
Retrieve and record information and identify key details from fiction and non-fiction.
 How would you describe this story/text? What genre is it? How do you know?
 How did…?
 How often…?
 Who had…? Who is…? Who did….?
 What happened to…?
 What does…. do?
 How ….. is ……..?
 What can you learn from …… from this section?
 Give one example of……
 The story is told from whose perspective?


SUMMARISE – Years 3 – 6
Summarise the main ideas from more than one paragraph.
 Can you number these events 1-5 in the order that they happened?
 What happened after …….?
 What was the first thing that happened in the story?
 Can you summarise in a sentence the opening/middle/end of the story?
 In what order do these chapter headings come in the story?

Curriculum overview 2019/2020

Diary Dates:


Thursday 12th March - Parents' Evening (4-7pm)

Friday 13th March - Non-Uniform Day

Friday 20th March - Music Festival

Thursday 19th March - Mother's Day Fair

Monday 30th March - Mass (9.30am)

Tuesday 3st March - Rosary (1.30pm)

Wednesday 1st April - Class Photographs

Friday 3rd April - Fringe Festival Performances (PM)

Tuesday 7th April - Crucifixion Assembly (10.45 am)




Welcome to Year 5!

Class Teacher - Mrs Wilkinson

Teaching Assistant - Miss Moore 






RE will see us learning all about inspirational people. We are also thinking about the Corporal Works of Mercy during the season of Lent. We are collecting for our Easter baskets for the people of the parish.

Our value for this half term is all about COURAGE.



In maths we are starting by focussing on number work and continuing to have rapid recall of number facts. Our focus will be on multiplication, division and fractions We will be using lots of games and practical activities to investigate place value in class.


As well as using mathletics  we have access to Timestable rockstars Your children have their own passwords and have been enjoying using these sites in school.


Some good websites for maths:




In English we are finishing writing information texts and then working on our own stories

based on the legends of "Robin Hood" and "Beowulf"



Science will see us finding out all about reversible and irreversible changes



Our topic for this term is the MAYANS.


We are also busy learning all about the United Kingdom 





Please help your child by encouraging them to read and discuss books daily. Remember to encourage your child to write a sentence in their diary to score points on the reading challenge. Also continue practicing times tables. Your child will also have spellings and mathletics tasks weekly. Each term a selection of activities will be sent home based around the current topic.

Please work with your child at home on the following:

  • Reading (10 minutes daily)
  • Spellings ( Monday to be completed by Friday)
  • Mathletics (Monday to be completed by the following Monday)
  • Topic (variable dates depending on project)




PE will be on a Monday and Thursday afternoon. Monday will be with Coach Kyle and Thursday will be swimming. Please ensure you have shorts, T-shirt and pumps in school. For outdoor PE tracksuit trousers can be worn.



As the Year 5 classroom is very warm please ensure your child has a named jumper (for when they remove it) and a clear sport bottle of water.


I look forward to working with you and your child over the year. Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any queries or concerns, please make an appointment to see me through the school office or contact me via e-mail.


 Sarah Wilkinson



Year Five - School Councillors


Sarah and Ella