Design & Technology

Design and technology is an intricate part of our day to day lives and it is therefore important that our children are taught how this subject is of great importance in our rapidly changing world. The Morecambe Bay and surrounding area has a diverse range of organisations and employment opportunities.  Our aim is to prepare children to have skills and aspire to access these opportunities in the future. Children are encouraged to think creatively in order to solve problems and/or make improvements to existing ideas and products. It is through these methods that they can make positive changes to their own and others’ lives. The teaching of Design and technology enables children to identify needs and opportunities, and to respond by developing ideas and eventually making products and systems. Through the study of design and technology, they combine practical skills with an understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues, as well as of functions and industrial practices. This allows them to reflect on and evaluate present and past design and technology, its uses and impacts. Design and technology gives the children  the opportunity to work and think both as individuals and as part of a team, which helps them develop and learn while demonstrating our key values of the school.


For more information including details of our Intent, Implementation and Impact, refer to our design & technology Policy below.

We are a member of the Design & Technology Association (DATA) which supports us with cpd, resources, curriculum ideas and updates.

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Our Design & Technology Curriculum Overview

Design and Technology Intent, Implementation and Impact School Policy

St Mary's Learner Leaflets (Progression of Skills and Knowledge)

Skills and knowledge Progression milestones 1 for KS1 (Yr1 / Yr2)

Skills and knowledge Progression milestones 2 for LKS2 (Yr3 / Y4)

Skills and knowledge Progression milestones 3 for UKS2 (Yr5 / Yr6)

Design & Technology Action Plan 2021/2022

National Curriculum Design and Technology